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At St Katherine’s School and Nursery, we are passionate about mathematics and understand how important and valuable it is. Our mission is that regardless of where children start, in terms of their mathematical understanding, that they will maximise their academic achievement and leave our school with an appreciation and enthusiasm for maths, resulting in a lifelong positive relationship with number.

In order to ensure that all children can enjoy and achieve in mathematics, we follow a mastery approach supported by White Rose Maths materials. This means that we hold an expectation that all children will achieve a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and use this flexibly and with confidence. This mastery approach means that children spend more time learning about key mathematical concepts and are given time to build a deeper understanding. Learning is broken down into smaller steps for children to allow this and helps us to avoid gaps in children’s learning and address any existing gaps.

Problem solving sits at the heart of our mathematics provision and opportunities are given for children to calculate with confidence, explore mathematical structures, think strategically, work systematically, reason and explain their understanding and make conjectures.

Assessment is a key focus in all learning and within maths lessons allows teachers to ensure they are teaching the children what they need to know, when they need to know it. This means that children are able to build on prior knowledge and make progress with their learning. It also allows teachers to offer opportunities to deepen understanding and further support the development of mathematical understanding. 

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