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At St Katherine's School & Nursery we are keen to develop a love for writing in our pupils and want them to leave school feeling well-equipped and confident in being able to express themselves through written word. 

In Early Years, where their writing journey begins, children focus predominantly on early reading so that they can make the connection between sounds, words and how these can be transferred onto paper. A range of strategies are incorporated to build strong fine motor skills to enable children to form the correct letter shapes and writing positioning.  Mark making is encouraged and is made accessible for children throughout the provision, using a variety of textures and tools. By the end of the Early Years, children have begun to understand the process of building a sentence that has been modelled and supported through teacher-led sessions and small group work.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, we sequentially teach writing, beginning with a focus on developing a secure sentence level understanding, before moving to paragraph level. Children have the opportunity to apply their understanding across a range of writing, in order to communicate their ideas clearly.  

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